High end designs and creation is our take on offering services at Sterictech. We offer a vast combination of services alluring the digitalization of the business world globally. We have systemized processes of delivering services better than ever as a digital platform. Our affluent team intends to partner with their clients by getting their work done through perfection and superior detailing. You can get your required services executed with our best leaders through these services at Sterictech.


Graphics & Logo Design

Our team of Graphics and Logo Design is well aware of the global designs enlightening the trends of digital requirements. Each of our design are refined and worth trying once. From designing a simple logo to a complete rebranding of a corporate identity, you will receive equal amount of attention till we reach your desired perfection. Whether or not we believe in “love at first sight “we know how much the first images of things and people remain in our memories. We make this experience amazing for you and your business. You automatically fall in love with our designs, colors and formats. It is clear that a good image alone is not enough for a pro- duct or service is successful. It is necessary above all to quality of what is sold.

What We Offer

  • Innovative Design Solutions
  • Result-oriented Approach
  • Team of Experts
  • 100% Quality
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
  • 24/7 Available
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Web Design & Development

The team of Sterictech derives dynamic Web Designs worldwide. Looking for an inspiring, yet affordable web design, count on us without any doubts. We seek to design the best website for you customized to your requirements completely. Our team of experts at Sterictech strives to transform your complex concepts into simple, yet aesthetically strengthen web designs. Our web design and development is no less than a work of perfectionist and purist.

Why Choose Our Team

  • Unique Designs
  • 100% Quality
  • Customized Designs
  • Streamlined Procedures and System
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Software & Mobile Application

Software and Mobile Application is one of the core services at Steric Tech. Our team intends to develop the best applications as per your desired requirements. Our philosophy for this service is “As you like it”. We develop user friendly applications so that it gets simpler for the people to use it and satisfy their purpose to use it. Our team of experts works all round the clock to transform your technical ideas in to a user friendly format for an incredible result.

Why Should We Design?

  • Problem-solving Approach
  • Premium App Solutions
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Expert Team of Developers
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning are the information systems that integrate all the data and of an organization into a single system. We design this system for our clients based on their business nature and requirements. The ERP systems are created with sheer reliability and integration for 100% quality and premium results. We help our clients to create processes for their unique services like supply chain management, inventory management and many others.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The concept of customer relationship management is not new, yet it required contemporary transformation which was adequately understood by Steric Tech. Designing an effective customer relationship management enables an organization to work more efficiently then before. Our team is very vigilant about this aspect and tends to develop superior services and products that meet our customers’ identified needs. Our team of experts will help you to anticipate future business needs based on data on historic sale and service trends. We design the most suitable, simple and affordable CRM for you. You would be glad to know that this is amongst the most liked digital services of our clients. Our designed CRMs provide enhanced opportunities to use data and information to both understand customers and recreate value with them. Tell us about your requirements and business, our extravagant team would create an inspirational combination of marketing, technical and operative aspects on one platform for you.

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Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human Resource Management Systems basically integrate people of the organizations in a smarter manner. We help our client organizations in designing this HRM system for a better organizational perspective in this digitalized era. Our services are specially designed to facilitate the business of any organization, so that they prosper and grow tremendously in future.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and social networks is today a fundamental pillar in the marketing of products. Digital Marketing and social networks allow direct contact with the target audience; so that when you want to buy the trip, take us into account among all the options that come to you through your cell phones, tablets, computers and smart TV, amongst others. We in tend to serve our clients with the best digital marketing services to be presented globally.  We offer a wide variety of digital marketing services that are as follows.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The search engine optimization is, today, one of the most popular advertising options on the internet effective and profitable, exceeding in many cases the on-line advertising itself. It is a set of techniques that serve to position a web page naturally in search engines like Google, through the selection of keywords. It consists of using code manipulation techniques HTML, content of the site, navigation structure, generation of links, etc., in order to improve the ranking for a certain search. Our expert team of SEO writers delivers the best piece of writing based on the provided keywords. Our created SEO writing has been proved to be a success element for our several clients since long. For this we prioritize the following;

  • Use of Given Keywords
  • Required Word count
  • Relevant Content
  • Marketing Perspective
  • User Experience
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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The best and expert social media managers at Sterictech ensure to execute and plan the communication strategy of the social networks. We manage your accounts on your desired social media platforms, representing your organization through effective client interaction globally. Each of the social media marketing platforms is managed individually through effective marketing and communication strategies. We deliver the best social media marketing services for your product to provide it with a global boost. These social media marketing platforms include the following

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • More
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Email marketing

Another very useful tool for Digital Marketing is the email marketing that allows maintaining dialogues with potential customers. In many cases these customers use this medium to request information about the products or services offered by the companies, as well as to know the status of their purchases, resolve their doubts and even manifest their claims.  Our service of email marketing will also It also allow you to read messages after they have been sent, save them, print them and download attachments to the message. It is very important, from the view point of marketing, that companies include in their websites several E-mail accounts. In this way, messages sent by potential customers will arrive directly to the recipient of that information, for example one account for information, another for resources human, another for commercial department, etc.

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Content writing

Writing is one of the major aspects for any organization to communicate and deliver their message to their customers. The more effective piece of writing it will be, the stronger hot it will be for the customer to know the brand. This is where you can count on the writing team of Steric Tech. We intend to produce quality content which will be useful for the organization to get along with the message they want to convey to their clients. Our expert writers will endow you with brilliant contemporary ideas and transformation for the understanding of your brand. Our content writing services include the following;

  • SEO
  • Creative Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Scholarly Writing
  • Copywriting

Why Choose our Writing Services

  • 100% Quality
  • Use of Best Vocabulary
  • Relevant Selection of Words
  • In-depth Research
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Animation & Videos

We promise to give motion to your provided or our decided images synchronized with your desired idea. Our team of animation experts at Steric Tech are superiorly experienced and polished for their jobs. We deliver what we commit, that is what our team believes in and works accordingly. We create animation and videos as per your requirements and demanded customization. Our animated content is greatly convincing and appealing for the buyers to get attracted and leave an eye over it. We ensure to deliver a work of perfectionist in our videos to generate greater response and revenue for your overall business.

Why us for your Animations and Videos

  • Appealing Animations
  • Catchy Scripts
  • Extensive Choice of Voiceovers
  • Personalized Animated Characters
  • Minimal Turnaround Time
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