Tauseef Ahmed Saigal

Mr. Tauseef Saigal started his career by family business. He was promoted to the position of CEO in January 2010. He has successfully managed to lead the change, enhance the business, Production and increase sales, which made the bottom line positive.

Mr. Tauseef is an Bachelor in Business. He started his professional journey in 1990. He stayed with family business for 19 years and during this tenure he demonstrated his leadership capabilities in marketing as well as sales function.

His endeavors towards successful marketing international and local clients added likes IFFCO, Dalda, Merit Packages, TOIL, Habib, English Biscuits Manufactures and Shan Foods etc.

Mr. Tauseef has vast experience in growing existing business and introducing new products in Packaging industry. Most of his achievements have emerged from developing people, seeking opportunities for collaboration and managing leadership transition in changing environment.

He has built and delivered strategic and operational capabilities in diversified categories likes, Metals, Tin Containers, PE & Shrink Films, Flexo Printing, , Master batch, and giving the proper packaging solutions to Foods, Pharmaceutical, Beverages, edible oils, fats, culinary, spreads, sauces, drinks, desserts, and biscuits industries.

Managing Director

Ahsan Tauseef Saigal

Mr. Ahsan Tauseef Saigal is the Managing Director of A.J. Containers (Pvt.) Ltd,
running a diversified group of companies that are involved in several industries
including adhesive tapes, commercial printing, tin containers, flexible packing, master batch retail, etc. At Saigal Packages Industries (Pvt.) Ltd., his experience and business insight will be valuable in charting a course towards greater expansion, profitability and strategic growth for the company.

Mr. Ahsan received his bachelor’s degree in Business Studies from the University of Atchison, he is young energetic and He began his professional career at family business. as a training coordinator in the Production department, and enhance the family business by 2015.

Mr. Ahsan has also served on the board of Ahsan Corporation and is a member of the TDAP and Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

He is committed and driven in his endeavor to build the better industry.


Riaz Ahmed

Mr. Riaz Ahmed has over 35 years of experience for working in various sectors including Tin Containers, Adhesive Tapes, engineering and finance. He played an instrumental role at senior management level in business development, corporate governance, corporate affairs, and general management. Currently, he is representing the organization as a board member. He is a founder of A.J. Containers (Pvt.) Ltd. and now turned 75 years old and serves the experience with Saigal Group of Industries as a strong pillar.